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The interior also has a new centre console, which includes redesigned and simplified switches and controls. At Nm the torque output of the diesel is thought to be the highest of any six-cylinder passenger car diesel in the world, but with nine percent improvements in economy and CO2 emissions over the 2.

That said, its ruggedly handsome design is still as charming as ever, with its internal functionalities as standard being more than enough to satisfy your average driver. The series is currently in its fifth iteration or generation, according to the manufacturer , the first of which was introduced in , making the Discovery the first new model series since the launch of the Range Rover — on which it was based — and only the third new product line since the conception of the Land Rover vehicle and brand by Rover in Exclusive to the Graphite is the inch 7-split spoke alloy wheel in a high gloss dark grey as standard, with the option of a inch 7-split spoke alloy wheel.

The gearboxes on the Discovery 3 were also all-new. They blamed it on our driving behaviour constant heavy braking but it is our family car for holiday use only and we never go over speed with young children abroad!

Land Rover, including protection from grenades and small arms fire. By Andy Discovery land rover 4. Features such as the fascia, the instrument panel binnacle and door top rolls are generously lined with Windsor leather. Warping occurs when you sit on the brakes for long periods? Replaced under warranty.

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This came with a revamped interior, new nose and tail, several trim options, and a host of new electronic additions. Capable tow car.

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Range Rover Classic. However, I'm disappointed to read that the dealer didn't inspect the brakes before replacing the bushes. Some vehicles were left with an arrangement where the vulnerable bumper contains the only working direction-indicator lights; other examples have these lights duplicated in the traditional rear pillar location. Discovery I. The 8HP70 does not have to change to a lower gear sequentially and can skip up to ζαν ρενό movies ratios if necessary, for much faster response when preparing to overtake.

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Second oil pump failure reported on Land Rover Discovery 4 that resulted in having to replace the engine. For , crisp new steering column stalks with chrome bezels provide clearer symbols and a new premium pebble-like design to the smart key makes it both more attractive and easier to carry. The result was a Discovery that felt closer to a Range Rover than ever before. Motor Racing Publications Ltd. This means that it can be driven through nine different conditions, with five different settings.


If you can still hear hissing or the car is still uneven, there is likely a leak in the air suspension and will need replacing. These faults are widespread and common, often without similarity. Owner told that replacing the oil level sensor is a 10 hour job. However, doing the school run in this car may require a bit of practice, as its large size can make for an unwieldy experience on city roads.

Second oil pump failure reported on Land Rover Discovery 4 that resulted in having to replace the engine. The complex software and hardware will be expensive to fix when something goes wrong. Passengers in the rearmost row now entered through the rear side doors, instead of the tailgate as in previous versions. Land Rover, Discovery 4 61 3. The Terrain Response system allows you to pick the best traction control system for the type of surface.

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Home All makes Land Rover Discovery 4. Retrieved 6 December October 14, Report of used Land Rover Discovery 4 suffering badly worn front lower arm rear bushes within 11 weeks and miles of purchase. Retrieved 13 April

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Fix: in this case, also switching to fully independent suspension. Post-facelift models start from £12, audience insights and product development, which is enough for a car with, which are recommended either annually or every 16.

We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, the discovery land rover 4 pump needs replacing. Retrieved 11 June Although it followed the third generation Range R. Additional luxurious highlights include twist pile carpet mats and a leather-wrapped wooden steering wheel. The engines are equipped with the super-efficient ZF HP70 8-speed automatic transmission tuned to improve efficiency γλυκα με πουρε καστανο reduce CO2.

The vehicle is indistinguishable from the standard LR4. In discovery land rover 4.

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Both cars are also now fitted with 5-inch TFT screens in the instrument cluster πονοσ στο μαστο πριν την περιοδο key information, a new Portable Audio Interface with MP3 player το βημα τησ κω επικοινωνια i-Pod connectivity, and other key technology features including a five-camera surround system for ease of parking and manoeuvring.

Engine not an oil burner, but no dipstick so without the sensor it's impossible to check the oil level. The rear body was extended to improve load space, and to now accommodate full-size adults on all seven seats on the SE7 option, as well as make them all forward facing, [10] [11] but at the expense of added rear overhang, which slightly reduced the car's departure angle, when off-roading.

The five-door version followed in

Yes, this is an ideal vehicle for families, as it can comfortably hold up to seven people - with room to spare for equipment. Vendor List Privacy Policy. Despite originally being sold as an affordable alternative to the Range Rover, the Discovery has also progressively moved upmarket through its successive generations to become a bonafide luxury SUV.

Another of the common Land Rover Discovery 4 problems is faulty air suspension.

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Series II. Off-road vehicle. Our preference would be the 3. The Discovery 4 retains its predecessor's fully independent air suspension with cross-linking when off-road and the twin-range transfer gearbox with an electronic infinitely variable locking centre differential. To minimise this effect, valves isolate the secondary turbocharger both from the exhaust stream and the engine inlet tract when it is not required. A variable geometry, medium-sized turbocharger is in use most of the time during average acceleration and up to motorway cruising speeds and performs with no discernible lag.

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The driver retained some manual control over the off-road systems, being able to select the Transfer Box ratio and the suspension height manually, although use of the Terrain Response system is needed to allow full use of the vehicles' capabilities. Audi August 22, This change was largely driven by the federal requirement starting in for vehicles sold in the United States to meet the OBD-II specification.

Capability and composure in equal measure. A revised version was launched in , shortly after the UK market example of late

But, of course, could also be a leak from one of the airbags. The exterior upgrade sees the addition of full length roof rails in a bright finish that highlight the familiar stepped roof design of the Discovery. April Land Rover Discovery 4 unveiled Powerful, refined and economical new 3. Motor Racing Publications Ltd. European model shown. The second Discovery was called the Series II, and though featuring an extended rear body, was otherwise an updated facelift, which carried on the in 2, mm wheelbase frame and rigid, live front and rear axles of the original Range Rover into

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On a motorway, the Discovery 4 is as smooth and cosetting as a luxury limo. Land Rover, Discovery 4 62 3. The Rover companies had a cross-holding relationship with Honda UK since the earlys. Keep pressing the tailgate button and listen out for changes in the sound of the actuator mechanism activating.

Off-road vehicle. This model lacked the Terrain Response system. For the US market and as the high-performance option elsewhere, a 4.

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Audi Q7 3. Retrieved 13 April Super-efficient 3. Motor vehicle. The roof is still stepped over the third row, though it is now largely cosmetic in comparison to the previous models and the roof now has a strong taper to the back. More powerful brakes comprised twin-piston sliding callipers with mm ventilated discs at the front and single piston with mm ventilated discs at the rear.

View Gallery. First fitted to the Range Rover TDV8 for , the remarkable ZF 8-speed 8HP70 transmission delivers unrivalled response for driving pleasure while driving fuel consumption and CO2 emissions down to an all-time low. Range Rover Sport L This change was largely driven by the federal requirement starting in for vehicles sold in the United States to meet the OBD-II specification. This is an excellent car for family holidays, as it handles smoothly both on the motorway and off-road.

The smaller secondary turbo remains dormant when higher power is not required, reducing pumping losses and fuel consumption.

For , models received a style freshening, new badging, new fuel stretching technology, improved audio systems and a new range of driver assistance, comfort and safety features. Our preference would be the 3. But, of course, could also be a leak from one of the airbags. At the top of the list is the new ZF 8HP70, 8-speed automatic transmission, improving efficiency and helping reduce CO2 emissions on the 3.

A grey Graphite finish to the fender vents and grille, which also sports a gloss black and lighter grey frame, blend with existing grey highlights appointed to the door handles and the Discovery badging to the bonnet and tailgate.

My car has been parked up for a long time - does it need a full service before going back on the road? Land Rover, Discovery 4 16 3.

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