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Athens: Plethora publications. Moustaka has taught courses in areas such as cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, clinical assessment instruments, clinical psychopathology, and health psychology. She is a Scientific Associate for iatronet. The course emphasizes diagnostic and therapeutic issues at an applied level through research finding, case analyses and clinical material from real cases. Issues to be explored will touch on major controversies in the field. Emotional prosperity, emotional bankruptcy: An Inside- Out Approach.

Strengths of the program include the following:.

Our Programs. Terra in Cognita 1st International Conference. Students gain theoretical and practical basis for selecting and using the hellenic american college psychology range of test and measurement data available to applied daihatsu terios 2010 interior. In: Okan, O. View All Events. My studies in the Ευνοουμενη που παιζεται in Psychology at Hellenic American University gave me the opportunity to develop the skills every counselor needs in a modern multicultural Western society.

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Log in Username Password Remember Me. The program provides a well-rounded education in which you not only acquire professional skills, but also develop character, self-awareness, intellectual breadth, and social skills. Provides knowledge of how statistics are used to evaluate theories in the social sciences.

The Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology provides students the knowledge, tools and skills to become competent, self-reflective counselors and psychotherapists.

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Read it. Master degree. The program aims at providing students with the essential knowledge and competences in clinical psychology research, theory and practice. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Studies the basic concepts and mechanisms inherent in the process of human development from conception to adolescence.

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How do I know Hellenic American College is right for me? Hellenic American College will use the email address you provide for the sole purpose of sending you the newsletter. Attention is given to the development of professional and clinical skills. To earn a Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology, students complete a total of 20 courses 60 credits , including a practicum, thesis research project and internship.

The program also offers online courses. She also serves as a clinical supervisor to graduate students.

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She holds a Ph. She specializes in individual, group and family therapy. Clinical Psychology.

By the nature of the subject, learning-by-doing is emphasized. For a detailed view of the program and course descriptions, see the course catalog for the MSPsy. Request information.

A significant part of her research has dealt with the methodological deficiencies in measuring child poverty. What students and graduates say about the program The people who taught me, from Psychology to Management professors were all very knowledgeable and up to date in their field.

You will need to complete a total of credits to earn the Bachelor of Science in Psychology: 40 credit hours 13 courses in general education, 18 credit hours 6 courses in free electives or a minor and 65 credit hours 21 courses in psychology, together and the Capstone Project. Farrell, D. She holds a Ph. I was more than lucky to have had the chance to apply for…. Designed by Professor George P.

Program overview

This intensive course will integrate both theory, λαμπεσ που αναβουν μονεσ τουσ and practice interventions related to music, art, drama and dance therapy; as well as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more. Kolaitis, G. The Master of Science in Psychology — ClPsych program is designed to keep current with emerging empirically validated developments in the field. Provides students with a broad overview of the theory, research and practice of health psychology and behavioral medicine, with an emphasis on the prevention and modification of health compromising behaviors.

She holds a Ph.

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Designed on the scientist-practitioner model of training, the program combines course work, with students being required to learn both the strategies the system uses to categorize patterns of abnormal behavior, she used hellenic american college psychology translation tools to translate a diverse range of text types.

Prerequisite s : All required courses Credits: 3. She has hellenic american college psychology her research material in books and peer-reviewed journals and has presented at conferences in the USA and Greece. It involves understanding of how people influence and are influenced by others around them. Visit our college. In this second year course, students will have supervised practical in the HAUniv.

And get updates on college news and upcoming κλήρωση κυπέλλου ελλάδασ 16. He is currently in private practice, working psychotherapeutically with adults. During her time at the company.

This course uses the diagnostic system developed by the American Psychiatric Associa.

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Study options

The great majority of our students receive some kind of scholarship. Relevant theory and research will be reviewed that will help students learn how to a empathically listen to clients' concerns, b conduct a thorough clinical interview, and c describe and implement a range of core interventions to ameliorate clients' presenting problems.

Gialamas, S. Διακοπεσ ιταλια νησια, she is the Coordinator of Counseling Center.

You will develop skills in using psychometric and clinical assessment tools, as well as conducting career, couples and family counseling. As a graduate level course in clinical assessment, it is assumed that the student is familiar with various conditions of psychological disorders to be assessed and has mastered the content of a graduate level course in psychopathology. Log in Username Password Remember Me.

Ioannina: University of Ioannina publications.

1st International Conference

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Join Our Newsletter. Medical Psychologist. As a student, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of human psychological processes and psychopathology. All placements are to be approved by the director of the Clinical Psychology program.

The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the perspectives, research methods, and empirical findings of social psychology.

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Papanikolopoulos, P. Provides a broad, general introduction to psychology--the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The course emphasizes multicultural and ecological contexts in planning and conducting multi-faceted interventions for change. They develop skills in using psychometric and clinical assessment tools, and conducting career, couples and family counseling.

The applications of this course may include group decision-making, personality characteristics of leaders and followers; racism and stereotyping, and their impacts; the influences of emotion and cognition on decisions; the origins of violence and genocide; and relations and interactions within and between groups as in business relations and the workplace in general.

In this second course of the cognitive behavioral sequence, students learn cognitive restructuring based theories and techniques of Ellis' Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Beck's Cognitive Therapy. Terra in Cognita 1st International Conference. Kolaitis, G. Log in Username Password Remember Me. Student-Centered Learning. Contact us for information. She has extensive experience working in public schools in New Hampshire in applied research projects on inclusion, school climate and drop-out prevention, Response to Intervention RTI , cognitive behavioral and existential therapy, as well as mindfulness and anxiety disorders.

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Strengths of the BSPsy Program

It is suitable for candidates who wish to pursue a professional career as a practitioner with a specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. She is εφιστώ την προσοχή αγγλικά her postgraduate training in Clinical Hypnosis.

Provides students with a broad overview of the theory, research and practice of health psychology and behavioral medicine, with an emphasis on the prevention and modification of health compromising behaviors.

Comprehensive Examination Upon successful completion of the first year of the MSPsy — ClPsych Program approximately 10 courses , students are required to pass a comprehensive examination, which provides evidence of skills acquired and competence in the field.

Provides an introduction to the field of Play Therapy including the theories and principles involved in its practice. Anna Nikolaou Anna Nikolaou is a sociologist with extensive research experience.

More about the ClPsych Program

EL EN. Focuses primarily on Axis I disorders, including unipolar and bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders and anxiety disorders and examines the intersection between Axis I and Axis II disorders.

Students will discuss learning theory and develop skills in the basic techniques of assessment and therapy using applied behavior analysis ABA for contingency management and the skills of relaxation training and imagery enhancement as part of systematic desensitization procedures and the varieties of exposure therapy.

Focuses on child and adolescent psychopathology with lecture presentations and discussions concentrating on disease etiology, epidemiology, phenomenology, nosology, and diagnosis. EL EN. Foundations of Clinical Psychology examines the philosophic bases of clinical psychology and the helping relationship focusing on the foundational concepts necessary for working with individuals, groups, and families.

In: Okan, O. Students passing the examination earn the Certificate in Psychology. Bouradas, D. She is also a licensed psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over twenty-five years, working with children, adolescents and adults.

Designed on the scientist-practitioner model of training, the program combines course work, research and robust clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, involving hours of supervised clinical and counseling work.

This email address is being protected from spambots. EL EN. A significant part of her research has dealt with the methodological deficiencies in measuring child poverty.

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